Blocked Drain Unblocking in Auckland? - We can help!

Got a clogged toilet or blocked shower? Call Pipeline Plumbing and Drainage

It’s never a good feeling when the water won’t drain away. From clogged toilets, blocked sinks and showers, you need help to make these problems go away, fast.

Our team of qualified drain technicians will travel across Auckland to unblock your drains and clear your pipes, so water can start flowing again. Our prices start from $100 plus gst.


Why are my drains blocked? 

There’s a good chance the water is backing up in your clogged sink, toilet or shower because there’s something in the drains that should not be there. We’ll tell you right now, don’t flush wet wipes down the toilet unless you want to keep our drain technicians on standby.
In most cases, we have the technology, skills and experience to unblock your drain right away. No project is too small or big for us, because we know how important it is to you to have these clogged pipes fixed.

Why do my drains keep clogging? 

Do you regularly have drainage issues? If you’re sure you’re not still flushing wet wipes down the toilet, there may be another reason why your sinks, showers or bathrooms always seem blocked.

Our experienced Pipeline Plumbing and Drainage team have seen more than our fair share of clogged drains. Plenty have needed some creative problem-solving to figure out how to clear the blockage.


Check your drains with CCTV 

Tree roots can make their way into stormwater and wastewater drains. Using CCTV technology, we can run a camera into your drains and pinpoint the reason why your drains are blocked. 

There are any number of reasons why your drains might get repeatedly blocked, and we can show you exactly what and where the problem is using our CCTV drain cameras.

This is where you benefit from the full service team at Pipeline Plumbing and Drainage. Modern drainage problems require modern drainage solutions, so our plumbers and drain unblocking technicians will work together to clear all the blockages. No need to worry about contacting other tradies to unblock the drains. One call to Pipeline Plumbing and Drainage does it all.


Unblock your drains today

Let Pipeline Plumbing + Drainage make your problem go away! Don’t put up with clogged toilets, or slow draining sinks any longer. Choose Auckland’s professional, fully qualified & licensed team of drain Unblocking experts, who genuinely want to flush your problems away. 

Our Pricing:

Call out - 1 hour minimum charge $150 plus gst
Hydro flush: $180 plus gst
CCTV: $225 plus gst
Hydroblast and CCTV combo: $325 plus gst

Please note: all prices cover the first hour only.



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Call our friendly Auckland team now on 09 217 6372 to unblock your blocked drain or email us for a FREE no obligation quote, using the form below.